God Doesn’t Ask that We Run the Race Perfectly…

God doesn't want me to run the race perfectly

Fun fact about me: I am very logical. I like to have everything planned out and a strategy and foreseeable plan for how something will be achieved. I am very good at piecing things together and evaluating the relationship and dynamic between multiple facets and components of a whole. You can imagine it has its […]

Weight is the Difference Between Faith and Trust

Weight is the Difference between Trust and Faith

Funnily enough, this idea first came to me through an Instagram reel a while back, and since then, it has changed my viewpoint. Hopefully, me sharing it can offer you a new perspective that might be exactly what you need. So, as you can see from the title of this post, you can guess what […]

My Prayer for SteffanLynch.com

my prayer for SteffanLynch.com

SteffanLynch.com is all about vulnerability and intimacy and sharing it. So it’s only appropriate that I share with you my prayer to God for this mission.