My Prayer for is all about vulnerability and intimacy and sharing it. So it's only appropriate that I share with you my prayer to God for this mission.
my prayer for

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Dear Father,

You’ve found it fit to give me this ministry; You’ve found it fit to instruct me to write, share, and be vulnerable. Over the years, when I’ve tried all else and wanted to be a neurosurgeon, done sales and multiple business ventures, you’ve brought me back here. You’ve brought me back to a place of openness. You’ve brought me back to, where I tell my stories and help share others’. You’ve brought me into the ministry of content via blogs, podcasts, social media, email and any other channel where I can speak with your people.

You’ve seen my heart’s desire to see your people grow and become the best version of themselves. You’ve noticed that I’ve tended to be better with words written than spoken. You’ve noticed my love for storytelling and how many people have tended to be drawn to and trust me through my own vulnerability and willingness to be open. You’ve seen that I dearly love your people. So no, God. I don’t believe this ministry is an accident or coincidental. I believe you’re a very intentional God, and you’ve placed in my heart for a reason.

So, Lord, I’m asking that you anoint me for this ministry. I pray that you use me as a vessel for your glory and to fulfil the work you set out for me.

Despite the nervousness, despite the fear, despite the uncertainty, I’ll do it. I don’t know where it will lead me. I don’t know what will happen from it. But I’m trusting in you, Father God. My request is that when I show up in spite of, you do the rest. I can’t do this by myself; I need you to lead me in the direction and take control.

As long as I write, record, share and post, I need you to do the rest. I need you to multiply what I provide because I can’t. I know you can, and I know you will. I know you will because your word says you won’t forsake me, and I know you never fail. I know you’ll provide and multiply because you’re not expecting me to run a perfect race; you just ask that I run.

I ask that you help me. I ask that you sustain me. I pray that you strengthen me. It’s not easy and won’t be easy later. But I’m taking that step out in trust in you. As I run by faith, in complete trust in you, I pray that you see that.

I pray that this site and everything from it will impact your people. I pray that my vulnerability inspires trust. I pray loneliness becomes community, and isolation becomes togetherness. I pray that shame and guilt are transformed into freedom and liberty.

I pray that through my content, hope is restored in the hearts of your people who have given up and felt abandoned. I pray that it is through that people will call on your name for the first time and come to you. I pray that the thoughts I explore and the stories I share facilitate and empower each of your people to become what you have set out for them to be. I pray that potential is not hidden away behind fear, and doubt, and insecurity, and confusion and disappointment. But instead, that potential is realised and sculptured into their hearts and manifested in their lives.

I don’t take this mission lightly. I recognise that you’ve laid it in my heart for a purpose. I believe, Father, that there is a need. I believe that there is a need for your people.

Some of your people are lost. Some of them feel they haven’t got a voice. Some of them are drowning in their own guilt. Some of them haven’t got the drive, and they feel alone. Too many people have let them down for them to trust anyone. Instead, they bottle themselves up and defend themselves against themselves (and others). They remain secluded and, isolated and alone. They’ve forgotten what it means to trust. They don’t know how to hold on to faith or how to let go of the past. Many are confused, learning to navigate the different facets of life without anyone to teach them or guide them. Few or no role models to look up to pray.

I pray that I and this mission fills these needs. I pray that I become a friend for the lonely. I pray that through my vulnerability, they learn to trust again. I pray that through my journey, they’ll come to know their own. As I share my story, I pray that they come to write theirs. For those who are, or feel, alone, I’m praying that you turn into their safe place, and I pray through which you grant them freedom and liberty in knowing they are loved by you.

I pray only to be a medium. I pray only to be a vessel. I really just pray that your people be restored, inspired, and uplifted in all aspects. In relationships. in career. In family. In finances. In school. In uni. In ministry. In business. In their walk with you. I’m asking that you make me and this site what you want it to be.

And in doing so, I pray that I remain humble and nothing more than a vessel. Make me a servant. I’m asking for a spirit of servitude where I dedicate all I do to those who need it. I pray that while I may be the face of, I will not be the focus. I pray that while your people will read what I write, I pray that they hear what you have to say. Help me to remain selfless rather than selfish. Remind me that this is not about me but about your people.

And as you keep to your promise and multiply this venture, as it reaches a wider audience and touches more hearts, I pray that it doesn’t become too commercialised. I pray that, at all times, it remains pure, authentic and heart-centred rather than money-driven.

This is my heart’s desire, Father. I ask this with a humble and serving heart. While I’m not perfect in and of myself, I’m asking that you perfect me in you. I’m excited about this ministry, but I’m also nervous. I thank you for this. And I look forward to what you’ll continue to do in my life and those of your people…

In your precious name, and we all say,


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