I Am Steffan Lynch

Over the last two years, I have been a professional data analyst. I have worked on a variety of projects for a range of clients. From simple dashboards to migration of enterprise data warehouses.

I stumbled into data analytics after leaving my direct sales job (which I loved). Every since starting my apprenticeship in June 2021, I haven’t looked back. One of the best mistakes of my life!

Providing a Custom Reporting Dashboard to help you Grow Your Business

What Data Analytics do I do?

Business Growth

My passion in data, is using my skills in aiding small and medium -sized businesses scale using more modernised business intelligence and driving data-driven decisions. Data is now the world’s largest commodity, and as a business, you need to know how to utilise it.

Visual Reporting

Data Analytics is a diverse role and demands a lot of technical and non-technical skills. Data importing, data cleaning and wrangling, statistics, stakeholder management, reporting and more. While I can do all, my specialty is designing reporting dashboards for clients.

Tools and Languages

Why Your Business Needs a Reporting Dashboard

Data Driven Decisions

The best decisions we make are informed ones. The more information, context and understanding you have, the better decisions you can make. Your business growth relies on you to make the best decisions without having to guess.

Operational Efficiency

A dashboard empowers you to access your data and get answers to your questions more efficiently, without relying on anyone or anything else.

Quick & Simple Insights

A well built dashboards provides you with quick and clear visual insights from heaps of data, even from the most complex of processes

You Need a Reporting Solution that's tailored for your Business

Your business is unique. So it makes sense that your dashboard is equally as unique. Together, we can ensure that you have custom-fit, long term data analytics solutions tailored to your business and its needs.

How does it Work?

Get In Contact

Fill out the form and tell me about your business and what you need or want in your dashboard. The more information and detail the better.

Book a Meeting

Next, we'll discuss the specifics, logistics and pricing. The aim is to have more clarity on the project on requirements, scope, price and process.

Project Proposal

I'll design a plan and write a full project proposal for your custom solution. Once everyone is happy, the contract is signed and we’re officially underway!

End to End

During, and after the project, everything from data in, to the insight out, and everything technical in between will be fully managed for you.

Our users are Happy & Healthy

“I get all my prescriptions through this app. now I never have to waste my time going to a doctors office and sitting around the waiting room!”

Theo James

“I love my dermatologist that I found on this app! She is very professional and it’s so easy to just chat or video call her whenever I need something!”

Emilia Munro

“I downloaded this app when i was super sick and had a doctor write me a prescription within 15 minutes!! What a life-changing app!”

Branden Griffiths

here to all your questions

Still not sure? Or have questions? No problem. Here are the most frequently asked questions. If those still don’t help, please email me or use the contact form above and we can discuss it together.

As every solution is unique, so is the price. The price is dependent on the volume and variety of data, complexity of the dashboard, requirements of the solution and the list goes on. You’ll get a rough price once we have our first discussion and final price in the project proposal. But each price is on a monthly basis.

It depends on what you need. I’ll create you a custom reporting dashboard. But if your business case requires a data warehouse, I can set that up for you too. Need some data cleaning as well? Or some basic automation or custom API integration to use between tools? I can do that too. All depends on your use case. But in every case, you’ll get up 3 months full support after the implementation finishes.

Our brains don’t process data the same way computers do They prefer data in spreadsheets and in JSON – more non-readable formats. We interpret data more visually. If you want to make more informed decisions for you business, track KPIs and have more efficiency across your business, then you probably need one.

SQL is the key language used for querying databases. I generally use Google Cloud Platform for my cloud computing, namely BigQuery for data warehouses and Looker Studio for BI. I often frequently use python for more specific use cases, such as exploratory analysis, data cleaning, wrangling and even some basic backend web development. I am flexible to use other tools also.