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Tailormade Just For You

My background

Heyy. I’m assuming you already know my name. (for those who don’t, it’s Steffan Lynch). It’s not too hard to grab my attention or for me to discover a new obsession. I’m passionate about and intrigued by many things, like music, data analytics and biology. I’ve spent most of my life hopping between one, trying to find and decide what I’m going to commit to and how. 

The truth is, it’s something I’m still figuring out and discovering the details of. But one thing that has remained consistent throughout them all is creating something bigger than myself that for someone else. I know that I want to live the rest of my life giving back and serving others. I want to be an inspiration and catalyst for someone feeling, doing and being better in their lives, whatever that is to them. I guess at the core, it is this: I want to be proud of myself, knowing that I’m contributing and actually making a (positive) impact/difference in people’s lives.

Creating Building Growing something

Bigger Greater Better than myself.

Who I Am


I'm always in thought. It's a good thing when ideas flow like water and thoughts breed new perspectives. It's not so good when it keeps me up at night and I can't do anything else.


I'm always in thought. It's a good thing when ideas flow like water and thoughts breed new perspectives. It's not so good when it keeps me up at night.


While I can be very emotional, I'm also very rational and analytics. Sometimes I can apply logic to a largely emotional situation. In my defence, it's part of my career!

What I Value


I believe everyone should embrace who they are, in the realest and most authentic way. Not trying to be someone they aren't. Purely them and nothing or no-one else.


It means to recognise and understand self. Your strengths, weaknesses, both your present and history. Without it, we're lost and without accountability.


The destination is way more important than the destination. Embrace it, love it and treat it like it is - full of ups and down, but all worth it and meaningful.

What I Do

Data Analyst

I'm not regretful that I stumbled into data analytics. I love the complexity and the room it breeds for science and art.


I realised I love telling stories and sharing my ideas and thoughts. It's' one thing that I get lost in. So why not share it online with you?


Since 3yrs old, I've been obsessed and passion with the drums. It's my way of expressing and just letting go what is inside.

What Do I Do?

My Mission

To create and publish content that inspires and explores, for the sake of all of us.

My Vision

For us to grow as individuals and live better lives; for our sake and those around us.

My Purpose

It's more than just myself. My skills, character and beliefs lead me to this path.

Given that you've made it this far, I think I can safely assume that you either you can stand with me with most of what I've said, or you're just bored. Either way, indulge in some more