The Way it was Meant to Be

Provuhbs isn’t just a place common between a group of people. It’s a platform common between family with a shared goal and vision. That’s what makes us different.

Our Community

We've built our own private community groups of individuals with similar interest, passions and attitudes so you can thrive in a space conducive to your growth.

Our Shop

Clothes that don't look good but mean good. Designs that don't stand for a brand or business, but stands for you and the best version of yourself.

Waiting rooms

Our app allows you to get the full-service offerings of a doctors office from the comfort of your home.

Why the Community?

We started as a group of four friends who began to appreciate and value the need to have support and the right people around you. But at the same time, we realised that not everyone has that privilege, so we’ve come to bridge that gap.


We all need some help once in a while. Our community, provides the platform to provide and receive that support we all need.


Each and every one of us have our own strengths, stories, ideas and knowledge. But what's the use if we just kept it all to our self?


While we may share different interests and passions. we still stand together in a steady march in discovery of our potential.





“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”


Why did we Start?

The core of everything we do is a mission to inspire our audience to be their best, happiest, and healthiest both mentally, professionally and in any other means.

We envision that our content, products and services begin a movement of a culture and people that make the most of this journey, while keeping true to themselves and seeking out more. Our vision is that as a result of our stories, discussions, personal insight and authenticity.

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Our users are Happy & Healthy

“I get all my prescriptions through this app. now I never have to waste my time going to a doctors office and sitting around the waiting room!”

Theo James

“I love my dermatologist that I found on this app! She is very professional and it’s so easy to just chat or video call her whenever I need something!”

Emilia Munro

“I downloaded this app when i was super sick and had a doctor write me a prescription within 15 minutes!! What a life-changing app!”

Branden Griffiths

we’re here to all your questions

Still not convinced? No problem. Here are our answers to your most common questions. But please feel free to contact us for queries or see more about us for backstory.

Yes! Forever free. To access to the hub, resources and the community, all you need to do sign up. No debit/credit card needed (But we do have some exclusive features for paid membership options coming very soon! So keep your eyes peeled!)

Yes there is an app! Provuhbs community and hub is hosted and run by Mighty Networks. They built the framework and community hub, as well as an an amazing app you can download for IOS and Android. Now you can take Provuhbs with you everywhere you go!

Provuhbs fills the gap and provides the baseline for many of us who are lacking essential resources, support and environment. Have one central hub for helpful resources, an environment and system actually conducive to your growth, and people who are excited for your growth. Don’t forget all the discounts, events and offers! Sounds great right?

It’s simple. Sign up to the private community, and once your request has been approved, you’ll have full access the community, resources and content. Think of it like a private Facebook group dedicated to personal development – but a lot better! People post useful resources, ask questions and can even engage in events such as webinars and giveaways.